Movie Review: Inside Out

Last night my family watched the movie “Inside Out” and let me tell you, I laughed and almost cried (I think I would have cried if I wasn’t in a room full of people–if I was alone I probably would have been sobbing. I’m an easy crier 😛 ).

The movie is about an 11 year old girl named Riley who has just been uprooted from her Midwestern home to go live in California due to her father’s job. Meanwhile, inside her head, her 5 emotions are at work. The emotions are Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust (my personal favorite), and Fear. Joy tries to be the overpowering emotion, wanting Riley to be happy, but that’s hard when she and Sadness get stuck in Riley’s long term memory. Joy has to get back to headquarters before Riley’s whole world falls apart.

When I asked all of the boys (my brothers and my friend Carmella’s brothers whom were watching it with us) how much they liked the movie on a scale of one to five they all said either 4 or 5 and I personally would give it a 5. I searched “Inside Out Movie Review” on Google and this is what came up:

inside out2

Have you seen it yet? Was it good? On a scale of 1 to five how much did YOU like it? I would love to hear from you! 🙂


The Best of Today’s Harvest

After my morning walk this morning, I sat down to my daughter’s homemade, freshly-ground whole wheat waffles with sliced banana, walnuts and maple syrup. What a blessing to have a daughter who cooks!

Then, I geared up to harvest today’s goodies with a few of the kiddos, and look what we gathered in…


My daughter ventured out for the strawberries…something we’ve been enjoying pretty steadily for the past few months. I love having sliced strawberries with banana and homemade granola for breakfast or over ice cream for a yummy desert.  Continue reading The Best of Today’s Harvest

Eggs-traordinarily GROSS!

This morning I woke up to my morning chore (make breakfast) and I decided I wanted to do something nice for breakfast: scrambled eggs and fried potatoes, peppers and onions. I started chopping up the onions and potatoes (we were all out of peppers) and I put them in the pan to fry. I then started making scrambled eggs. I have been taught that when we use our own eggs Continue reading Eggs-traordinarily GROSS!

My New Daily Habit: Walking Outdoors

My brand of walking shoes

Last fall my husband bought me a treadmill, and I loved it. I thought for sure this would help me get back into shape.

But in a short time I found my feet were really hurting and getting worse everyday, so I stopped using the treadmill. When I shared my experience with a friend, she told me the shoes I was wearing were probably the cause. She said I needed to get shoes particularly made for walking, So I mentioned it to my husband and he bought a pair for me online. I love them. (I hate shopping, so I rarely buy stuff for myself.)  Continue reading My New Daily Habit: Walking Outdoors